Hydrogen as primary energy carrier

HYGRO's sustainable and emission-free hydrogen generator to transform the construction industry

H2 powergen
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H2 powergen

H2 powergen

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HYGRO launches the H2-Powergen, a new hydrogen generator that meets the growing demand for CO2 and NOx free energy in the construction sector. This sustainable energy solution offers the power and capacity of traditional diesel generators without harmful emissions, setting a new standard for green construction projects.

The H2-Powergen integrates a Toyota fuel cell system into a compact mobile hydrogen generator, resulting in an efficient and sustainable power supply for construction sites as an alternative to diesel generators. Combined with HYGRO's compact and mobile hydrogen storage system, the iBundle, the Hague-based company offers a reliable, safe and cost-effective energy solution for construction sites. In addition, the H2-Powergen is fully grid-compliant, meaning that it can operate both independently and in parallel with other generators, and can be connected to the electricity grid.

H2-Powergen features

Compared to other mobile emission-free power supplies, the H2-Powergen stands out in several ways:

  • Lightweight and compact: Compared to battery container power supplies, the H2-Powergen is lighter and more compact. This results in lower transport costs and less space requirements on site.
  • High energy density: With an effective capacity of over 1,100 kWh when connected to an iBundle, the H2-Powergen can provide more energy for longer periods of time in 2.5 times less space than a 500 kWh 10-foot battery container.
  • Efficient logistics: The dimensions of the H2-Powergen (1.2 x 1.2 x 2.7 metres) match those of the iBundle, resulting in minimal logistics costs for both systems.
  • Cost-effective green hydrogen: Compatibility with the iBundle provides an affordable supply of green hydrogen, making the H2-Powergen competitive with biodiesel generators and cheaper than battery systems.

The modular design and integration with the iBundle concept makes the H2-Powergen the most cost effective solution in the market.
Nitin Biharie, Business Developer at HYGRO: "Grid congestion is slowing down construction projects and exacerbating the housing crisis. Low-emission energy supplies are vital for the future, and innovations such as H2-Powergen have a key role to play. They offer a sustainable solution that can revitalise the construction and housing markets.

Sustainable hydrogen on the construction site

The H2-Powergen, powered by sustainable hydrogen, provides a reliable power supply of 80 kW and can deliver up to 100 kW of peak power. Combined with green hydrogen in iBundles, the H2-Powergen can deliver up to nine times more energy in the same space as a 10-foot battery container. This technology contributes to structural sustainability and the energy transition on construction sites. The H2-Powergen and iBundle take up less space on site than current hydrogen and battery solutions. In addition, H2-Powergen provides a silent, diesel and fossil free energy solution with pure water as the only by-product.

Douke Visserman, Business Developer at HYGRO: "Providing reliable and cost effective zero emission power with hydrogen as a replacement for diesel is our top priority. The H2-Powergen is perfectly suited for zero-emission power supply in Ground, Road and Water Construction (GWW) projects, for both construction and maintenance work. There is a strong demand from the construction sector for this zero-emission solution, encouraged by clients such as Rijkswaterstaat and municipalities throughout the Netherlands, who are asking construction companies to build as emission-free as possible".

Advanced online monitoring of both the hydrogen generator and the fuel level ensures optimum operation of the H2-Powergen. The system provides a constant power supply on site, improving the efficiency and continuity of construction projects. Constant monitoring allows for rapid intervention, minimising power interruptions and maximising the sustainability of the power supply.

Availability of hydrogen generator and green hydrogen

The H2-Powergen will be available for rental from 2025. In addition, the Duwaal project in North Holland will make green hydrogen in iBundles widely available from 2026. This will make mobile power supply on construction sites with hydrogen generators cost-effective and competitive with biodiesel-powered diesel generators.

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Stay in touch and receive HYGRO updates via E-mail