Hydrogen as primary energy carrier

H2-Powergen: Sustainable zero emission energy solution for construction

HYGRO Powergen Generator mobile power supply
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HYGRO Powergen Generator mobile power supply

HYGRO Powergen Generator mobile power supply

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In the construction sector, sustainable practices are no longer an option, but an absolute necessity. HYGRO has responded with H2-Powergen: the hydrogen generator. This innovative hydrogen generator promises a green future for the construction industry worldwide. Importantly, it does so without compromising on performance or capacity!

Hydrogen Generator: Compact, mobile and cost effective

The H2-Powergen is a mobile power supply. This hydrogen generator is a sustainable and emission-free alternative to traditional diesel generators. With capacity and performance comparable to a conventional diesel generator, but fully sustainable and without harmful emissions, the HYGRO Hydrogen Generator sets a new zero-emission standard.

Efficient and sustainable power for construction sites

The H2-Powergen integrates a Toyota fuel cell system into a compact mobile hydrogen generator, resulting in an efficient and sustainable power supply for construction sites as an alternative to diesel generators. Combined with the compact and mobile hydrogen storage iBundle, HYGRO provides a reliable, safe and cost-effective power solution for construction sites. In addition, the H2-Powergen is fully grid-compliant, meaning that the hydrogen generator can operate independently, in parallel with other generators, and can be connected to the electricity grid.

The H2-Powergen with Green Hydrogen in iBundles

Green hydrogen is the key to an efficient and sustainable energy supply in off-grid locations. The H2-Powergen hydrogen generator takes up little space and is ideal for energy-intensive projects or locations with limited space. The modular design and integration with the iBundle concept makes the H2-Powergen the most cost effective solution on the market.

Combined with green hydrogen in iBundles, the H2-Powergen can deliver up to nine times more energy in the same space as a 10-foot battery container. By monitoring the hydrogen generator and the hydrogen level in the iBundles online, HYGRO ensures that the generator operates optimally and that there is always sufficient energy available on site.

Advantages of H2-Powergen for construction sites

  • Light and compact: H2-Powergen is lighter and more compact than battery container power supplies. This results in lower transport costs and less space on site.
  • High energy per m2: With an effective capacity of over 1,100 kWh when connected to an iBundle, the H2-Powergen can deliver more energy for longer in 2.5 times less space compared to a 10-foot 500 kWh battery container.
  • Efficient logistics: The dimensions of the H2-Powergen (1.2 x 1.2 x 2.7 metres) are the same as those of the iBundle, resulting in minimal logistics costs for both systems. HYGRO's H2-Powergen and iBundle are modularly designed for maximum mobility, scalability and efficiency, allowing the system to be quickly deployed on any construction site.
  • Cost-effective green hydrogen: Compatibility with the iBundle enables affordable green hydrogen supply, making the H2-Powergen competitive with biodiesel generators and cheaper than battery systems.
  • Sustainable and safe: With HYGRO's H2-Powergen and iBundle, you are assured of a safe, sustainable energy supply with no CO2 or NOx emissions.

HYGRO's H2-Powergen: affordable and sustainable energy for the construction industry

HYGRO's H2-Powergen hydrogen generator is the solution for construction sites requiring a reliable, zero-emission energy source. By providing green hydrogen and on-site installation, HYGRO offers a complete energy solution that is both economically and environmentally responsible.

HYGRO Powergen Generator mobile construction site
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HYGRO Powergen Generator mobile construction site

HYGRO Powergen Generator mobile construction site

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Key specifications of the H2-Powergen

  • 80 kW nominal power
  • 100 kW peak power
  • H2-Powergen generator dimensions 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.7 metres (forklift transportable)

Lightest and most compact hydrogen generator on the market, suitable for optimal logistics with lowest transport costs.

Key specifications of the iBundle

    • iBundle hydrogen storage dimensions: 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.7 metres (can be moved with a forklift)
    • Lightweight and compact, optimised for logistics and affordable transport by truck and trailer

    For more information, visit the iBundle page on our website.

    Cost comparison of H2-Powergen and iBundle with alternative solutions

    Compatibility with the iBundle enables affordable green hydrogen supply, making the H2-Powergen competitive with biodiesel generators and cheaper than battery systems. All this in a compact, mobile and cost-effective hydrogen generator with no harmful CO2 or NOx emissions.

    Ideal power supply for construction sites with the H2-Powergen

    Sustainable power with the H2-Powergen, which runs on green hydrogen, is faster and cheaper than biodiesel generators or battery packs by running continuously at 20-60% of nominal power. This makes the H2-Powergen ideal for 24/7 construction applications with power requirements between 15 and 50 kW. This includes construction activities such as drying, groundwater drainage, heating of construction huts, charging of construction machinery, refrigeration or lighting.

    The H2-Powergen hydrogen generator is the sustainable energy solution for constant power requirements. In addition, the rental cost of the H2-Powergen hydrogen generator decreases with the length of the rental period, making it an ideal energy solution for long-term construction projects. With our hydrogen generator, you are taking an important step towards an affordable, emission-free and energy-efficient construction site.

    Rent the H2-Powergen from HYGRO

    The H2-Powergen will be available for rental from HYGRO from 2025. In addition, the Duwaal project in North Holland will make green hydrogen in iBundles widely available from 2026. This will make mobile power supply on construction sites with hydrogen generators cost-effective and competitive with biodiesel-powered diesel generators. In the meantime, HYGRO can offer an alternative for the distribution and storage of hydrogen.

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