Hydrogen as primary energy carrier

Efficient Production

HYGRO’s high-quality green hydrogen

By using the electricity almost directly from the turbine generator, leaving out many electrical components, and designing the electrolysis in accordance with the characteristics of the wind, we can produce hydrogen in a very efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way. This allows us to split ultra-pure water, ensuring that the hydrogen is also of the highest quality possible (a least class 5, 99.999% purity). Thus, it has no impurities that can reduce the efficiency or even damage fuel cell technology; the fuel cell technology that is used in the mobility sector. Please read our in-depth and very detailed blog that explains all the technological aspects, from wind turbines to end usage, or contact us for more information and possibilities.

The animation below briefly explains how hydrogen turbines work. It is clear that the integration has far-reaching benefits. Since the basic components are all existing and proven, the concept of a hydrogen turbine can be implemented quickly

How hydrogen turbines work

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