Hydrogen as primary energy carrier

Optimising solar farms by producing hydrogen

How do you integrate electrolysis into a solar farm?

How do you get more power from your solar farm? It's all about economics and the combination of several optimization factors. The yield of solar farms combined with a wind turbine is now designed for a certain economic optimum based on the electrical infrastructure and the electricity market. However, using hydrogen as the primary energy carrier changes the economics of solar and wind combined significantly. As experts in hydrogen and renewable energy, we know the best way to integrate electrolysis with renewable energy sources and then distribute hydrogen to customers cost-effectively. 

By integrating electrolysis and connecting it to pipelines, synergies can be achieved that are only possible with hydrogen as the energy carrier. The synergy achieved throughout the chain - from production to distribution and use - makes our green hydrogen a competitive energy carrier produced with renewable energy.   

Our Solar Services  

With our knowledge, we can design the optimal hydrogen solar and/or wind farm with the lowest levelized cost. We will bring a new economic model to the table, using our knowledge of technical developments, laws and regulations, and how to make it financially viable. Collaboration and inclusion of all aspects within the chain is key. Once the project is up and running, let us take care of the day-to-day operations and maintenance. 

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